331-06-06 русская версия

Rambler's Top100


Today VMB TRUST, the leading listed St.Petersburg&Russia commercial property operator, investor and developer, is active in three major business lines: shopping centres, offices and convention-exhibition centres.
For each core business, VMB TRUST aims to maximise shareholder value and return on investment through proactive management, a dynamic acquisition, and a high level of expertise in the management of major development and refurbishment projects.

Having adapted foreign experience to Russian realities, the company has developed and implemented an unique program of integrated management and facility of real estate, miscellaneous purpose and quality.


Today VMB TRUST implements projects in major cities of Russia - St.Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, and others.


VMB TRUST consists of:

  • Management company «VMB TRUST»
  • Facility Management Department (FMD)
  • FMD–cleaning
  • FMD–security
  • Consulting group «Vizir»